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Haptonomy and Haptotherapy

Haptotherapy is the therapy based on Haptonomy, a philosophy of life and a theory about how feelings and emotions affect human affective relationships, and can be described as a science that studies and describes the phenomena of human interaction. The human body and the natural ability to feel and discern are the main fundamentals of the philosophy and related therapy as becomes clear based on the content of this website. 

In Haptotherapy it is believed that every human being is born with the natural ability to feel and discern what is good for him and what is not and respond to this by attraction to or withdrawn from the specific situation. During the course of life, as is very visible in the western culture, this natural ability is more and more influenced by what we think is “wise” and rational thinking takes over leading to less connection with our natural abilities to feel and discern. By learning to stay loyal to feelings (of for example sadness, happiness, fear, anger or love) and listen to the signs of the body, one can however confidently face the joys and sorrows of life. 

Also, if feeling and thinking are truly connected, people can make the right decisions while acknowledging their feelings as well as their rational thoughts leading to a higher level of effectiveness and a more adequate collaboration with others.

This website contains background information with respect to the fundamentals of Haptonomy and Haptotherapy, which is already a well-appreciated discipline in the field of cure and care for, for example, high performers in The Netherlands and explains the ways in which Haptotherapv and the Haptotherapist can help and support individuals as well as teams or organizations in recognizing and dealing with the interdependencies within the human body and restoring the connection between the body (feeling) and mind (rational thinking). 

Please feel free to contact us in case of any questions or need for additional information. 


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